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Headshot of Zrybea. Her blouse is black with embroidered details in red, blue, and yellow. Her hair is dark brown and very curly.  She is smiling.

👋🏾 Hi, I'm Zrybea!

About Me

I'm a Software Engineer with over two years of experience developing full-stack applications and a keen interest in cloud infrastructure. My toolbox currently includes languages like JavaScript, Python, and Java, but I'm always exploring new technologies.

My skillset extends far beyond the binary though, make no mistake! Throughout my career I’ve worn many different hats—as a dedicated behavioral health professional and a proud medic in the United States Army Reserve. Every new chapter of my journey adds distinct layers to my perspective, honing my problem-solving and soft skills against unique and varied challenges.

When the laptop is closed, you might catch me immersed in one of my favorite video games, breaking a sweat in the gym, or lost in the pages of a gripping novel. It's all about balance, right?

Let's Connect!

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